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1. 45 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT I E 17 TALENT MANAGEMENT Price: IDR 4.600.000,- Menjawab Masalah Apa Pelatihan ini membantu peserta memahami konsep dan teknik mengelola talent (talenta) dapat menjadi sumber keunggulan perusahaan dalam berkompetisi. Manfaat Apa Yang Diperoleh Setelah selesai mengikuti program ini, peserta diharapkan mampu: • Mengidentifi kasi Talent Segmentation yang dibutuhkan oleh perusahaan • Mengidentifi kasi Talent Model bagi setiap Talent Segmentation • Memahami sistem yang harus dibangun oleh perusahaan untuk mengakuisisi, mengembangkan dan mempertahankan talent tersebut Apa Saja Yang Dibahas • Kerangka talent management • Talent segmentation dan talent model • Mengakuisisi talent yang tepat • Menyusun sistem talent management • Retain the talent through leadership Siapa Yang Perlu Ikut ? Manajer, khususnya Manajer SDM Problems To Be Addressed This training will help participants understand the concept and technique of managing talents in organization for creating organizational competitive advantage. Objectives Having attended this program, the participants are expected to be able to: • Identify talent segments needed by company • Identify talent model for each talent segmentation • Understand talent management system which your company should build to acquire, develop and retain the talents Subjects Covered • Talent management framework • Talent segmentation and talent model • How to acquire the right talent • Design the right talent development system • Retain the talent through leadership Who Should Attend Managers, especially Human Resources Managers who will get most benefi ts from this program


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