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1. 44 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT I E 16 DESIGNING LEARNING PROGRAM Menjawab Masalah Apa • Apa perbedaan yang mendasar antara mendesain pelatihan dan mendesain pengembangan berbasis kompetensi? • Bagaimana mengidentifi kasi kebutuhan pengembangan? • Bagaimana memilih metode yang sesuai untuk program pengembangan di perusahaan? • Bagaimana mendesain program pengembangan yang mampu mengembangkan kompetensi karyawan? Manfaat Apa yang Diperoleh Setelah selesai mengikuti program ini, peserta diharapkan mampu: • Menjelaskan paradigma baru dalam mendesain pengembangan berbasis kompetensi • Menganalisis kebutuhan pengembangan kompetensi terutama tingkat organisasi dan tingkat kelompok pekerjaan • Membedakan dan memilih metode yang tepat untuk dipakai dalam program pengembangan berbasis kompetensi • Mendesain program pengembangan yang mampu mengembangkan kompetensi karyawan Apa Saja yang Dibahas • Paradigma baru dalam pengembangan berbasis kompetensi • Perbedaan antara pelatihan dan pembelajaran • Berbagai tingkat kebutuhan pengembangan • Teknik dan cara menganalisis kebutuhan pengembangan • Mendesain kurikulum berdasarkan kompetensi • Mendesain project assignment Siapa yang Perlu Ikut • Manajer/Pejabat di fungsi Manajemen SDM • Manajer/Pejabat di fungsi Pengembangan • Instruktur/pengajar Problems To Be Addressed • What are the basic differences between designing competency-based training and designing competency-based development? • How to identify development needs? • How to select appropriate methods for development programs in your company? • How to design development program which is capable of developing employees competency? Objectives Having attended this program, the participants are expected to be able to: • Have new paradigm in designing competency- based development • Analyze competency development needs in organizational and work group levels • Differentiate and choose the right methods for your competency-based development programs • Design development programs that develops employee competencies Subjects Covered • New paradigm in competency-based development • The difference between training and learning • Development needs in all level in an organization • Technique and methods of development needs analysis • Designing competency-based development curriculum • Designing project assignment Who Should Attend • Human Resources Management function managers/offi cers • Human Resources Development function managers/ offi cers • Trainers Price: IDR 4.600.000,-


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